Maize is the one of the most important food crops in Tanzania, it comprises 45% of the cultivated area. Though Tanzania is the largest producer of maize in East Africa, the country still faces lots of challenges of achieving full business potential. In this Collection you will find information, including newspaper articles, reports and research spanning a decade, showcasing the changes in narrative, policies, and technology as the value chain develops.

Recent Submissions

East African regional market intelligence report 

This East Africa regional market intelligence report provides an overview of maize production in east Africa countries. it is projected that The total 2016/2017 maize production in Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Burundi ...
Author: Market Analysis Subgroup (MAS)
Publishing Date: 2017-01
Document type: Other reports

Post-harvest food losses in a maize-based farming system of semi-arid Savannah area of Tanzania 

The study examines post-harvest food losses in a maize-based farming system of semi-arid savannah area of Tanzania. Data were collected through questionnaires. Survey results suggest that the farmers’ poor knowledge and ...
Author: Abass, Adebayo B; Ndunguru, Gabriel; Mamiro, Peter; Alenkhe, Bamidele; Mlingi, Nicholas; Bekunda, Mateete
Publishing Date: 2014-09-23
Publisher: Journal of Stored Products Research
Document type: Journal

Staple food prices in Tanzania. 

The study provides analysis of staple foods in Tanzania. It uses data from documents reviews, questionnaires and interviews. Findings show that the main staple foods in Tanzania are maize (33% of caloric intake) and cassava ...
Author: Minot, Nicholas W.
Publishing Date: 2010-01
Publisher: Research Gate
Document type: Journal

Govt sets record maize producer price 

The newspaper article reports about maize producer price in Tanzania. The government has set a record maize producer price of 500/- per Kg for Mbozi and Makambako districts in a bid to ensure that the national food reserve ...
Author: Tambwe, Masembe
Publishing Date: 2012-10-23
Publisher: Daily News
Document type: Newspaper article

Tanzania to sell excess maize to Kenya 

This news is about i procedures put in place by the government for exportation of surplus maize as Kenya announced plans to buy substantial amount to boost reserves of the cereal. Stated by permanent secretary, ministry ...
Author: Malale, Kassim
Publishing Date: 2013-10-28
Publisher: The Guardian
Document type: Newspaper article

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