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The repository is designed to create online access to all information relating to economic growth and doing business in Tanzania. As the Bitz has the ambition to cover all economic sectors, for obvious reasons the building of this repository will always be work-in-progress. As so, we welcome you to join hands - your suggestions and comments will help us.

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A study on the informal sector with a view to formalisation 

This study by IMED examines the experiences and lessons from formalisation initiatives in four Sub-Saharan African countries. Drawing upon the three main theories that explain the existence of business informality, the ...
Author: Unknown author
Publishing Date: 2016-07
Publisher: The Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship Development (IMED)
Language: English
Document type: Research report

500 youths gain from entrepreneurial and agricultural training 

Nearly 500 youths from across the country have benefited from agricultural entrepreneurship training provided to them by Sokoine University Graduate Entrepreneurs Cooperative (SUGECO) and the Rufiji Basin Development ...
Author: Mbago, Getrude
Publishing Date: 2017-10-13
Publisher: The Guardian
Document type: Newspaper article

Agricultural council of Tanzania - The voice of voiceless farmers 

The Agricultural Council of Tanzania (ACT) has turned to be an important cornerstone for Agricultural private sector lobbying and advocacy for development of farming in a country, the mainstay of the Economy. It is used ...
Author: Kithama, Joseph
Publishing Date: 2017-10-17
Publisher: The Guardian
Document type: Newspaper article

A Growing Link? Organic Farming and the Tourist Industry in Zanzibar 

This thesis seeks to understand the connection between key actors in Zanzibar’s organic farming and organic tourism sectors, and discover the reason for their interaction. A case study approach is used through stakeholder ...
Author: Mikidadi, Astrid Johanne
Publishing Date: 2011-12
Publisher: Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB)
Document type: Research report

14th Africa Regional Training Africa Regional Training Course on Vegetable Crops Course on Vegetable Crops Production & Research 

Course announcement on Vegetable crops production and research from The World Vegetable Center in Madiira campus Arusha from July 3 to November 2018.The intensive training is offered to African professionals who currently ...
Author: The World Vegetable Center
Publishing Date: 2008
Publisher: The World Vegetable Center
Document type: Presentation

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