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    Action Learning among Sunflower Oil Processors for Systemic Change. 

    This presentation aims at providing an overview on the sunflower oil processing to smallholder processors with the aim of improving availability of extension services for better agronomic practices and thus increased ...
    Author: Salisali, Braison
    Publishing Date: 2011-11
    Publisher: Rural livelihood development company
    Document type: Presentation or lecture

    Adoption of improved agricultural technologies for Irish potatoes (Solanum tuberosum) among farmers in Mbeya Rural district, Tanzania: A case of Ilungu ward 

    This study was carried out in Ilungu ward Mbeya Rural district, Tanzania to assess adoption of improved agricultural technologies for Irish potatoes (Solanum tuberosum) among farmers. Specific objectives were identification ...
    Author: Namwata, B.M.L; Lwelamira, J; Mzirai, O. B
    Publishing Date: 2010
    Publisher: Journal of Animal & Plant Sciences
    Document type: Academic journal articles

    Food crops wholesale markets development in Mbeya and Rukwa region. 

    For the past decade MVIWATA has been involved in rural market development as a strategy to broaden outlets for food crops produced by small-scale family farmers. Among other things, this has involved construction or ...
    Author: Mdoe, Ntengua S.Y.; Mattee, Amon Z.; Gabagambi, Damian M.
    Publishing Date: 2011-10
    Publisher: Sokoine University of agriculture
    Document type: Reports

    Food Crops Wholesale Markets Development Project in Mbeya and Rukwa Regions 

    Food crops wholesale markets development project in Rukwa and Mbeya Regions is a project that has been implemented by MVIWATA. The Overall objective of the project was to secure sustainable access to locally produced food ...
    Author: Mtandano wa vikundi vya wakulima Tanzania
    Publishing Date: 2009-12-22
    Publisher: Mtandano wa vikundi vya wakulima Tanzania (MVIWATA)
    Document type: Reports

    Rural Agricultural Markets Reducing Poverty 

    Markets have been identified as key institutions for driving economic transformation because it is at the market that value is directly attached to production. Whilst this may be the reality, the productivity of smallholder ...
    Author: Okore, Dr. Maggie
    Publishing Date: 2014-05
    Document type: Academic journal articles

    Sisal Board wants small growers to own farmland 

    Tanga in efforts to boost sisal small holders farmers ‘eligibility to loans from financial institutions, The Tanzania Sisal Board (TSB) has decided to work with relevant authorities so that the former would be granted title ...
    Author: Sembony, George
    Publishing Date: 2012-02-08
    Publisher: The Citizen
    Document type: Newspaper

    Tanzania’s agriculture grows 

    President Kikwete insisted that agricultural investment is no more an option but a priority that calls for more resources to modernize farming to increase food productivity in order to end hunger and generate earnings ...
    Author: Daily News Reporter
    Publishing Date: 2012-03-06
    Publisher: Daily News
    Document type: Newspaper