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    Assessment of awareness of mycotoxins infections in stored maize (Zea mays L.) and groundnut (arachis hypogea L.) in Kilosa district, Tanzania. 

    Fumonisins and aflatoxins are the most important myco-toxins in Africa and other developing countries in the tropics Mycotoxins cause several human and animal diseases including jaundice and liver cancer. The study provides ...
    Author: Magembe, K. S.; Mwatawala, M. W.; Mamiro, D. P.; Chingonikaya, E. E.
    Publishing Date: 2016
    Publisher: International Journal of Food Contamination
    Document type: Academic journal articles

    Tourism service staff told to be honest, hospitable 

    Tourism service providers have been urged to be honest and hospitable if they desire to prosper in the sector. The remarks were made by consultant with the Tanzania tourism program, Mr Danny Riemersm at the semina on ...
    Author: Simbaya, Friday
    Publishing Date: 2009-05-26
    Publisher: The guardian
    Document type: Newspaper