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    Advocating for effective regulations for the cashew nut industry in Tanzania 

    ANSAF is an advocacy network that promotes dialogue and constructive engagement among sector stakeholders, analyzing existing policy and suggesting policies and practices around pertinent issues in the agricultural sector. ...
    Author: Fitzpatrick, James
    Publishing Date: 2012-01-12
    Publisher: Agricultural Non State Actors Forum (ANSAF)
    Document type: Reports

    An investigation on the factors that contribute to the influence of warehouse receipt system on the price of raw cashew nuts 

    Warehouse Receipt System (WRS) offers a good example of commodity marketing institution and embryonic entry point for agricultural marketing development in Tanzania. This study investigates the factors that contributing ...
    Author: Hassan, Mohamed
    Publishing Date: 2013-01
    Publisher: Open university of Tanzania
    Document type: Dissertation

    Reform of the Tanzanian Cashew Nut Business Environment 

    The cashew industry is strategic in Tanzania in terms of both poverty alleviation and economic growth. However, its development is hinder by an unsupportive operating environment. In order for this industry to realise its ...
    Author: Iannone, Marco
    Publishing Date: 2008-04
    Publisher: Best AC
    Document type: Reports