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    Advocating for effective regulation of the Cashew Nut Industry in Tanzania 

    In the cashew season 2011/12 a serious crisis developed in the marketing of cashew nuts from Tanzania. In this paper, a total of 101 people were interviewed for this study, more than 50 studies were assessed, 21 statistical ...
    Author: Fitzpatrick, James
    Publishing Date: 2012-12-01
    Publisher: ANSAF
    Document type: Reports

    Performance of agricultural marketing cooperative societies in cashew nut production and marketing in Masasi district, Mtwara Region, Tanzania 

    Agricultural Marketing Cooperative Societies (AMCOS) are expected to play an important role in the cashew nut production and marketing in Tanzania. The study conducted at three AMCOSs at Masasi district, Mtwara region has ...
    Author: Likwata, Musa Yusuph; Venkatakrishnan, V
    Publishing Date: 2014-10
    Publisher: International Journal of Research in Management & Technology
    Document type: Academic journal articles